Zenoah G290RC 4-Bolt 29cc Longblock Engine Core - bb234


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Now Available! Replacement Zenoah G290RC 4-Bolt Longblocks. 28mm Stroke, 36mm bore, 28.5cc. These work perfectly to rebuild your old Zenoah G230RC/G240RC/G260RC/G270RC/G290RC engine, or work to rebuild a CY/Fuelie CY23RC/CY26RC/CY27RC/CY29RC/F270/GP290 etc.

Comes as shown in photo – Includes complete top end (cylinder, piston, ring, NGK CMR7H spark plug, etc), Crankcase (including bearing, seals, gasket, etc) and Zenoah crankshaft. Stock woodruff flywheel key is pre-installed onto crankshaft.

Complete G290RC Engine Stats: Displacement: 28.5cc. Power: 3.5HP @13,000 RPM. Torque: 1.23 ft-lbs (1.68 N-m) @10,000 RPM. Timing:30 degrees BTDC @ 8,000 RPM. Compression Ratio: 8.9:1. Fuel: 91 octane (using the R+M/2 octane rating method) or higher mixed 25:1 with 2-stroke oil.