Vertigo Vented Steel Clutch Bell for HPI Baja 5B/5T/5SC - gt231


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61651 Steel Vented Clutch Bell (Only 91 Grams!)
– Nearly 30 years of RC Experience has taught us that keeping a clutch cool and clean means less maintenance and frustration.
– Holes in the front of the bell will let dirt in but not out, this is why we opted for 3 large Cooling slots in the bell to reduce heat build up and allows clutch dust and other debris to escape the clutch assembly.
– We are proud to be the first to incorporate access holes to allow adjustment of the Elcon Performance clutch.
– You can check clutch wear through vents without removing clutchbell.
– Includes a European made 4x15mm 12.9 grade socket head cap screw

This product fits most aftermarket clutch covers and carriers.

(Fits all versions of the Baja)