TFL Zonda Rc Boat : Carbonfiber: Twin Drive: Seaking120 AMP2200Kv motor : ARTR V2


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TFL 41″ (1040mm) Zonda Rc Boat, Twin Drive and Carbon fiber.

What makes these different!
(1) Set of OSE Upgraded cables.
(2) Seaking 120s with 6mm Bullet connectors.
(2) SSS 4082 2200kv Motors
(1) Set of cnc props. cnc-4514251 and cnc-4514251-r props.

TFL built this boat out of carbon fiber for both super strength and very light weight. Both very important if your trying to make a fast electric rc boat. This boat comes assembled with all high quality equipment including cnc aluminum hardware.

Some of the major components include,
Carbon fiber hull for light weight and super strength.
Two Seaking 120 esc’s for reliable performance and waterproof.
Two TFL SSSĀ 4082 2200kv Brushless Motors Adjustable twin struts.
Metal left and right counter rotating propellers.

ARTR(almost ready to run). It requires a servo, 2 channel radio and batteries

(1) Steering Servo
(1) 2 Channel Radio System
(2) 4s 45c 5000 MAH Lipo packs with 6mm Female Bullet Connector on positive wire and 6mm Male Bullet Connector on negative wire.
(1) Charger

Hull Specs:
Material: Carbon Fiber
Length Tips to rudder mounting area: 41″ (1040mm)
Length or ridding surface: 36.5″ (927mm)
Width at widest point: 11.75″ (299mm)