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“Our RC boats are hobby grade, not toy grade, we expect our buyer is capable of learning how to maintain this boat, because the boat will get glitches in the running. Lacking manipulative ability will result in reducing your satisfaction of purchasing and playing the boat.

Suitable for people with manipulative ability

Not suitable for people without interest to maintain the boat and exchange parts.

Not suitable for people who is too busy to learn from seller about how to maintain.

As for this electric boat, we have three versions, KIT, PNP and RTR

KIT means it is just a well painted empty fiber glass boat hull. You need to glue mount board in the boat and load all your own electronic parts into this kit and you need to do some cutting and polishing jobs. KIT is suitable for advanced player who has very well manipulative ability, or else it will be a very hard thing for you.

PNP means this boat comes with loaded motor, ESC, steering hardware. You must have your own servo, RC system, batteries.

RTR means all is included, it is a PNP model plus a RC system, servo, and battery, the charger is not included in this RTR version, if you need it please contact me. You could try your RTR boat when you receive this version.

Item Condition:

New, if you need me to upgrade your boat, we can help.


Name: Patron Saint 2.0

Hull Material: fiber glass

Color: Black

Hull Size: 880*220*130mm

Propeller: brass propeller

Motor: 2960/2200KV brushless motor

ESC: 70A brushless ESC

Servo: S3006 6KG

Recommended battery: 1* 3S 11.1V 4400mAh Lipo battery (Only RTR includes the battery, PNP doesn’t include)

Metal drive shaft: flex shaft

CNC metal steering parts


  1. Streamlined unibody fiber glass boat, the same material with a real boat, high endurance for high speed. 2, High speed.

3, With water cooling system, provide the motor and ESC a better protection.

  1. CNC made metal steering rudder.
  2. Power motor comes with strong momentum.

The package includes:

A fiber glass boat hull

Driving system

Steering system

Cooling system


Single motor

The package doesn’t include:



Radio system