TCB 2S 7.4V 6000mAh 35C Lipolymer battery


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TCB 2S 7.4V 6000mAh 35C Lipolymer battery Upgraded version

Brand: TCB

SKU: TCB-6000-2S35CU

Capacity: 6000mAh

Number of Cells: 2S1P

Voltage Output: 7.4 V

Constant Discharge: 35C/210A

Max Burst Discharge: 70C/420A

Full of voltage (V) : 8.4 V

Length * width * thickness: 156*48*19mm

Weight (g) : 316 g

Max Charge Rate: 5C/30 A

Suggest Charge Rate: <2C/12 A

Discharge Plug: T,XT60

Charging line interface: JST-XHR  balance head

High quality silicone tube:

Ageing resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistant, soft bending performance is good, service life is long,

High quality heat shrinkable tube:

Security seal welding place, prevent mold friends improper operation short-circuit harm the cell.

PP + PVC coated aluminum plating film flash:

Has the effect of flame retardant PP aluminized flash membrane, add a layer of PVC heat shrinkable film, let the batteries inside more solid, more resistant to fall off.