ROVAN Competition (Race only) Clutch Hex Drive & Pinion Various fit LT 30°DTT X2 & HPI Rovan KM


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F5M  Competition Clutch Hex Drive fit 54 mm Clutches in 1/5 Scale RC 

The difference between the competition clutch and the traditional clutch is that it uses a special coupling-shaped clutch cup. The competition clutch no longer depends on the friction of clutch shoes to achieve engagement like the traditional clutch. There is no problem of high clutch temperature and shoes that wear out. The clutch shoes are separated and directly embed in the groove of the clutch cup to achieve the effect of direct fast clutch engagement.

Comes complete with Clutch Assembly and Hex drive clutch bell and pinion 

# 854702 Will fit Rovan LT 5ive 30°N DTT KM X2
# 854701 Will Fit HPI Rovan King Motor 5B 5T SC