Rovan 4X4 LT450 5IVE-T Rally Engine 45CC RTR BLACK-GREEN Desert Buggy


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    • Off-road Short Course ROVAN SPORT LOSI 5IVE LT450 large scale 1: 5 to get seriously started in real gasoline and 2-stroke motor model cars, fully assembled to use (RTR). Rovan Sports 1: 5, 4X4 four wheel drive .
    • New buggy body design with roll bars.
    • After a year of tests with intensive uses, impacts, falls, jumps, Rovan Sport is proud to present its new work, it has managed to clone the LOSI 5IVE. All spare parts compatible with the original.
    • New 45CC ROVAN SPORT (ROFUN) 1/5 Scale 45cc Engine Air-cooled 4-stroke 2-stroke engine (43mm diameter, 31mm stroke)
      Special design Powerful Pull Easy Start pull start system works very well and It has a nice big handle, which makes it a pleasure to boot.
      8000 RPM clutch installed.
      Walbro WT 1107 carburettor
      Very powerful, 45cc air cooled 4-bolt cylinder head, two-stroke engine well above 4CV and low torque on smaller engines
      16500 rpm maximum
      New style cylinder head .
      It works with high octane gasoline 95 with a two-stroke oil mixture in proportion 25/1
      Power 4.4CV. Improved tailpipe over 36CC model, tailpipe with silencer.
    • Short Course to use on dirt tracks, rural roads, countryside … 100% compatible in parts with the famous LOSI 5IVE.
    • Transmitter and receiver with 2.4 GHz technology with Fly Sky FS-GT3C model display with rechargeable lipo battery, no batteries required. Interference-free transmitter with LCD screen. No more need to change glasses.
    • Improved servos with more power and speed of response, now steering servo with aluminum arm with 55 Kg metal gear.
    • Gas / brake servo with 55kg metal gear.
    • It has three steel differentials with an aluminum case to distribute power to the 4 wheels. Metal support for the center differential.
    • Double disc brake.
    • Battery for the receiver and high capacity servos with 6V 4,500mAh included with charger.
    • Air- cooled one-cylinder 2-stroke engine similar to Zenoah 45CC , uses gasoline 95 + oil that fills up to the upper indicator of the canister (25: 1), with Walbro1107 carburettor and NGK spark plug, with easy-start handle (new starter system), complete and ready to use.
    • 90km / h speed. You can climb slopes of up to 60 degrees.
    • 8000RPM clutch with aluminum clamp bracket. Clutch bell with hexagonal pinion catch.
    • Large capacity fuel tank with 800cc. Waterproof sealed large capacity tank
    • 5mm thick aluminum lower chassis sheet of special hardness 7075.
    • Very resistant body and already painted in PC polycarbonate with protection bars, this cage of the chassis allows to be removed with ease.
    • Chassis and other anodized aluminum parts.
    • Set of rectifiers for the prevention of front and rear tilt.
    • Big Bore 18.7mm aluminum shock absorbers adjustable by turning a nut, their axles 7mm thick.
    • 7075 aluminum shock absorbing support towers.
    • Shock absorbers with internal dust cover.
    • CNC alloy front and rear support beam
    • Waterproof sealed receiver.
    • Motor output pinion and main crowns protected with a cover to prevent the entry of impurities.
    • Gasoline filter. Air filter.
    • High speed bearings.
    • Off-road rubber wheels ‘rally monster’ type, large size and greater cushioning throughout.


  • FS-GT3C 3-channel transmitter at 2.4 GHz. Radio System. Menu the same as the previous FS-GT3B station.
  • New model with LI-ION 800mAh 3.7v rechargeable battery. It charges through the USB port, connection cable included.
  • With AFHDS technology (automatic frequency hopping digital system – digital frequency auto-detection system), it has been developed and patented by FLYSKY.
  • Includes FAIL SAFE function that can be activated. This allows us to stop accelerating and not lose control of our car or boat in case of loss of signal.
  • 100% professionally molded to fit the left hand, lightweight and balanced for maximum comfort.
  • LCD display with light for viewing at night with a 90 x 30 mm screen.
  • Clear text and easy to operate menus.
  • With 2.4 GHz technology, it avoids the famous interferences.
  • 2.4 GHz technology is already a standard in radio control, with multiple advantages, it works digitally, which avoids noise, interference and offers a faster response.
  • With 10 settings memories for 10 different model cars.
  • Inversion of servos.
  • Steering and gas trimmers.
  • Dual Rate.
  • End point (throttle limiter).
  • ABS braking system.
  • Has exponential travel EXP.
  • Coach port for VRC.
  • For boats and cars.
  • Frequency range: 2.40-2.48 GHz.
  • Bandwidth: 500 Hz.
  • Band: 160.
  • Consumed power: <20DB.
  • Code type: GFSK.
  • Sensitivity: 1024.
  • Low battery warning: <9 Volts.
  • DSC port: 3.5mm: output: PPM.
  • ST range: 90.
  • TH range: 45 (F: 30; B: 15).
  • Charging connector included.
  • Weight: 328 gr.
  • Antenna length: 98mm.
  • Silver color.
  • CE and FCC certificates.