ROVAN 1/5 BAJA 5SC Rear Tyres 170 X 70 set 5sc rear tires -2pcs


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ROVAN Rodeo TireĀ  Rear 2pcs Baja 5T 5SC

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Part Number: ROVAN SCT REAR Manufacturer: ROVAN
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This is the ROVAN Rodeo Tire, White, Rear, (2pcs), Baja 5T/5SC Rear

The Rodeo tires are designed for all-around performance specifically for the Baja 5T. Scaled up from our proven 1/10 scale short course tread, the Rodeo is ready to bring your Baja 5T to a new level in performance. Racers know tires are the single best upgrade you can buy for your truck and these are the best tires available. Good for use on a wide variety of surfaces but best suited for track performance. Pick up some Rodeo tires for your 5T todaY