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4oz 120ml bottle with dauber

GREMLIN GOO’ is home brewed here in AZ.USA
GG is used as a tire  prep that we use for our prep drag races..
It comes in a 4oz 120ml bottle with dauber. You apply it to a clean tire and allow it to dry, typically 10min. It will become tacky. The more you use it the more tacky it will become. The warmer it gets the better it works.

GG application instructions:

-Everyone uses it a little different and which type of tire plays a factor.
-Recommended tires of (our) choice are the Proline Reaction or DE RACING
-Heat warmers are not necessary but are an advantage
-Be sure the tire is clean, using Simple Green, seems to work best.
– Apply prep with the dauber to a clean tire and allow to set for about 10 minutes or until the shine is gone.
-When the shine has set the traction compound has penetrated the Rubber.
-You can now apply your warmers if you have them.
-If you do not have warmers simply do a burnout and the compound will activate as it gets warm. The more you use it the sticker it will get.
-It is recommended when you are done testing or Racing for the day leave car upside down on its lid or remove the tires.
-Depending on how much prep you use they will stick to whatever service you had set them on.
-Clean up: if you happen to Spill the prep or get prep on your hands or any other surface you can use brake cleaner or WD-40. Brake cleaner works best but be careful on what surface you are spraying these cleaners.