Pro-Line Big Daddy Wide Drag Slick 2.2/3.0 SCT Rear Tires (2) (Clay)


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Pro-Line Big Daddy Wide Drag Slick 2.2/3.0 SCT Rear Tires offer the bite and grip needed right off the line for your drag set-up, while giving the car an authentic, slick appearance. The Big Daddy tire has a massive 2″ wide contact patch (25% wider than standard Short Course Drag Slicks) making them ideal for low-grip, no-prep surfaces while still fitting standard Short Course 2.2″/3.0″ wheels.
Pro-Line engineers added extra webbing inside of the tire for added stability at the high speeds found in drag racing. The Big Daddy tire is made from Pro-Line’s MC compound which has become a drag racing favorite for its incredible grip on a variety of surfaces and its resistance to stretching. Pro-Line includes soft gray foam inserts to allow the Big Daddy tires to fully conform to the track surface and provide maximum grip.
    • 25% Wider for Maximum No Prep Drag Racing Traction
    • Completes the Look of your Drag Racer
    • Provides Incredible Grip Off the Line
    • Fits Standard 2.2″/3.0″ Short Course Wheels
    • Made from the Drag Racing Favorite MC Material
    • Soft Gray Foam Inserts Included
    • Made in the USA, since 1982



Height: 4.15″ (105mm)
Width: 2.10″ (53mm)Includes:

  • (2) Big Daddy Wide Drag Slick SC Tires
  • (2) Soft Gray Foam Inserts