Modified Walbro WT-1107 High-Performance Carburetor for Zenoah / CY Engines - With Throttle Shaft Bearings Installed - av1107b


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These WT-1107 carburetors have been custom modified with high quality rubber-sealed bearings on each side of the throttle shaft. This mod helps with keeping sand and fine dust from entering via the shaft area via the weakest part, the carb shaft.  When it enters it can gum up the shaft so that it binds, sticks open and in turn wears the carb shaft so it creates an air leak.  This mod stops 99% of dust and sand from entering the carb making the carb basically maintenance free.

Walbro WT-1107 high-performance carburetor.

This is the stock carburetor used for the G320RC engine, and will also work on other Zenoah/CY engine applications.

Carburetor specs: Walbro WT-1107. 15.88mm bore, 13.5mm venturi, independent tunable high and low speed jets.

Note: This is a butterfly style carburetor with choke, but the carb does not include the plastic choke lever. That item is sold separately, see item av48x ( plastic choke lever) in the “related items” at the bottom of this page.

Zenoah part# 585727601