MadMax Baja 5B Double Blade Front Tire Set - MMX196


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Now available at DDM is the MadMax Double Blade tires designed for the front of the HPI Baja 5B buggies. Molded in a durable rubber these can be used directly on your existing HPI Baja 5B wheels.

These tires feature a cross hatch pair of mini ribs. This makes it ideal for surfaces that are high bite and high traction found in racing circuits. This would also work on hard pack surfaces with loose dust. The tire is molded in a thick rubber to help maintain tire shape at high speeds and in corners. The tire compound is best suited for warm to hot temperatures for best performance.

Foam inserts not included. Sold in pairs. These are compatible for any wheel/foam insert/bead lock ring for the front of the HPI Baja 5B buggy.

If you want to add some style these are 100% compatible with the DDM Bite-Lock rings and can be seen in the related items below.