IRP BRP Rear Wheel Adapter Hubs (No washers) - tr356R


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IRP Rear Hub Adapters for the BRP Tires.
These are the Rear hub adapters for your HPI Baja that allow the use the World Famous BRP (Bishop Racing Products) 1/4 scale tires and wheels.
These adapters are machined out of T-6061 aluminum and are sold as a pair. (2 hubs). The rear hubs are pre-drilled for the stock 4mm pin and the 5mm pin.
They also have an Oil and Chemical Resistant O-ring that is designed as an additional safety backup to keep your stub axle pins in place
They come pre-assembled with hardened wheel studs and stainless nyloc nuts .
These have been Thoroughly Tested for over 18 months in Severe bashing, they have also been tested and proven on concrete , asphalt , and dirt Oval , and they have also gone over 100 mph in High Speed Runs with Zero failure .

**** Special Note On The Rears ****
The rears Will fit the Losi 5ive with Zero modifications , you will need to purchase 2 sets of them since the Losi has stub axles on all 4 corners.
We are currently testing them to find the correct offset needed on the wheels from BRP, we will have more info very soon on this, and BRP will have a Losi Specific offset wheel in the very near future.

<<< You Must contact IRP or BRP direct Before purchasing the Tires and Wheels to ensure you get the proper combination >>>

IRP no longer includes the back spacing plates or the compression outer washer. These are available separately