Hot Racing Traxxas Composite Gear Case w/Aluminum Motor Plate


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Hot Racing composite transmission gearbox case with aluminum motor plate and arm mounts for use in the Traxxas Bandit, Rustler, 2WD Stampede, and 2WD Slash


  • Light weight composite transmission case
  • CNC machined 6061 aluminum motor plate with added motor heat sink
  • CNC machined 6061 aluminum arm mount
  • Longer motor mounting slot to accommodate a greater gear ratio range
  • Motor plate with mounting for slash stock rear bumper
  • Reuses stock gears and transmission internals (see requirements below)


  • Assembly and installation
  • Reuse of internal gear and components from existing transmission
  • Slipper assembly and spur gear
  • Medium threadlock on screws
  • Spur gear dust cover, including the plastic Traxxas TRA3792 or the Hot Racing aluminum TRA3201


  • For vehicles without a rear bumper, installation may not use all included hardware
  • This is an empty gear case and does not include any gears, shafts, or bearings, slipper, spur gear, etc.
  • Any transmission peripherals shown in photos (slipper, spur gear, bearings, etc. ) are not included
  • See Hot Racing HRATE12HX01 for an aluminum version of this case