Hostile "Zero Growth" Foam Inserts for HPI Baja 5T/5SC Rear - hh975


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Hostile Racing Foam Insert Set
Fits HPI Baja 5T/5SC Rear

These are a high quality replacement for the standard HPI 5T/5SC foam insert. Made in the USA. These will work on all brands of tires including Hostile, HPI, and Pro-Line. Like all of Hostile Racing foam inserts, these are a MEDIUM compound foam.

Zero growth inserts offer more than just what the name implies. The goal was to create an insert that does not grow and stretch at high speed. This reduces tire growth and allows the tires to maintain their profile without a loss of traction from reduced contact patch as the tire grows and the profile thins. This allows for more consistent handling. As an added bonus, the zero-growth inserts do not require gluing to the wheel allowing for endless insert changes as conditions change. This is a must have for the serious racer or hobbyist.
These are, far and away, the best/strongest foams on the market for the HPI Baja 5T/5SC
Interchangeable with HPI foams: