Hitec D-845WP 32-Bit, Multi Purpose, Waterproof, Steel Gear Servo w/Free DDM Alloy Horn - ht845


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The steel D-845WP is part of our D-Series dynamo servo line. All Hitec D-Series servos have been designed using our brand new, cutting edge, custom engineering. Combining industry leading high-resolution, state-of-the-art ultra-response technology with a 32-bit MCU and 12-bit ADC for unprecedented programmability and flexibility, these servos deliver significantly smoother movement. The speedy, powerful line operates on a wide 4.8 ~ 8.4 voltage range, allowing use with any common battery chemistry without the need for adapters or regulators. Uses industry standard 15T coarse spline output shaft.

Ideal for applications like the Losi 5IVE, there will be slight modifications needed to install this servo. The case is slightly bigger than the original Spektrum/Losi branded unit and you will need to slightly enlarge the opening in the radio box. This servo is also a little taller and will require some M3 sized spacers underneath the servo mounting tabs. Your application may require other slight modifications to fit.

Includes Free DDM Alloy Servo Horn


Motor Type: Coreless
Bearing Type: Dual Ball Bearing
Speed (4.8V / 6.0V / 7.4V): 0.26 / 0.21 / 0.17 sec/60º
Torque oz-in (4.8V / 6.0V / 7.4V): 451 / 562 / 694 oz-in
Torque kg-cm (4.8V / 6.0V / 7.4V): 32.5 / 40.5 / 50.0 kg-cm
Size in Inches: 2.60 x 1.26 x 2.44 in
Size in Millimeters: 66.0 x 32.0 x 62.0 mm
Weight oz: 8.0 oz
Weight g: 227 g

Hitec servos carry a warranty that is handled directly by Hitec. They are the best in the industry. Should you need service; contact: Hitec Warranty Information