GT Power V6 Duo Lipo Charger Dual


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GT Power V6 Duo

Revolutionize your charging habits with the new high-power AC/DC V6 Duo.

Whether you’re at home or at the field, the V6 punches above its weight. Despite its small size, it comes with a built-in power supply so that you can hook it up to either AC or DC power. Capable of 200W of output when connected to AC and a full 400W when running on DC input, you’ll have enough power for just about anything.

The two completely independent channels mean that you can easily charge two different types of battery simultaneously, or even run a discharge on one channel while charging on the other. The charger will automatically allocate power between the two channels; you’re not limited to half the output on each channel.

Throw in a USB charging port and a simple firmware upgrade process and you end up with a final package that’s hard to beat.