FEETECH FT846BL 91.5g 40kg.cm Torque 6V-7.4V Metal Gear Digital Servo 180 Degree Rotation


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Item Name: FT846BL Servo

Output Shaft: 25T/5.9mm

Gear Material: Steel

Bearing Type: Ball Bearing

Institutional Limit Angle: Unlimited

Size: 40*20*43mm

Weight: 91.5g

Operating Voltage: 6V~7.4V

No-load Speed: 0.185sec/60°~0.151sec/60°

No-load Current: 270mA~300mA

Stall Torque: 32.5kg.cm-40kg.cm

Stall Current: 3.5A~4.4A

Specified Load: 10.5Kg.cm~13.5Kg.cm

Rated Current: 1100mA~1450mA

Voltage Range: 4V~8.4V

Kt Constant: 9Kg.cm/A


– Control model is PWM

– Control system type: Digital comparator

– Operating angle: 180°

– Pulse width range: 500~2500μsec

– Electronic protection: locked rotor for 3 seconds (after the steering gear is locked, the output torque will exceed the overload torque and continue to protect the torque after 3 seconds, the overload torque and protection time can be modified)

Package Included:

1x FEETECH FT846BL Servo

1x Accessories