Ethanol and UV Resistant Primer Bulb for Walbro Carburetors - av489b


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Ethanol and UV (ultraviolet light) resistant primer bulb for Walbro carburetors. Fits WA-167, WT-603, WT-643, WT-644, WT-668, WT-813, WT-990, WT-1107, WYK-33, WYK-58, etc – basically all the Walbro carburetors we stock with the exception of the HDA-223 which uses a larger bulb.

Walbro Part 188-566-1.

Same size as:
Zenoah part # 1751-81510
FG part # 07373
Walbro Part # 188-12

Walbro’s new Ethanol and UV resistant primer bulb has been specifically developed for use with higher ethanol blends.

Made with propietary materials designed to remediate the problems caused by direct sunlight and aggressive fuel additives commonly found in today’s fuels.

Replace your primer bulb for the last time.