Baja MAX 5T 5TS Monster Truck Tires w/ Wheels


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Rovan Baja MAX Monster Truck Tires w/ Wheels (4)
Color: Black

  • These come mounted on smoothy style rims with heavy duty bead-locks and 24mm metal inner hex brace with soft tire foams installed.
  • Ready to bolt right on to just about any 1/5 scale that has 24mm hex wheels (HPI Baja, LOSI, Rovan, King Motor etc..)
  • A Must have for off road driving
  • These are very big at 220mm tall by 120mm wide.
  • This is a full set 4 brand new ready to bolt right on

Fits HPI Baja 5B, 5T, 5SC Rovan 1/5 and King Motor 1/5 Buggies and Trucks

Fits LOSI 5IVET, MTXL DBXL , Rovan LT, SLT, King Motor X2 (some wheel well trimming and or wheel extenders may be needed on some vehicles)

Can also be used on other vehicles with 24mm hex.