Baja 19/55 Tooth High Speed Spur Gear Set


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Steel 19 Tooth Pinion and 55 Tooth Spur Gear Kit (with stock HPI style clutch bell system)<br/ >Includes:

  • Plastic spur gear holder with rubber dampening bushings installed (this helps save your transmission gears from damage)
  • 7mm E-clip and pinion bolt.

This kit will give your buggy a faster top speed then the stock 17/57 gearing found in most 1/5 scale Baja vehicles.
Works with all HPI/KingMotor/Rovan Baja’s with the HPI style clutch bell. The pinion will not fit the HD hex style clutch bells.
Fits most HPI 5B, 5T, 5SC Rovan and King Motor Baja vehicles.