Angled Short Stack Uni Air Filter (1.75" height) - af301


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TGN has made an upgrade to the popular Short Stack Foam Filter, we have angled the neck on the short stack for easier access and more clearance for the fuel lines and throttle linkages. Include the TGN RedNeck Dual Stack Pre-Filter (DDM Part Number af302) for that extra protection.

This product must be used with a velocity stack adapter.

Short on space? Want a quality UNI foam filter? This one is for you. We believe this is the shortest filter on the market. The body of the filter is right at 1″ deep. That’s ” less than the others we have seen on the market. This filter fits over any 1-3/4″ velocity stack and holds on with the included hose clamp. Rubber cap and internal spring for added strength and rigidity make this one a winner!

Note: velocity stack is required for use. The base kit is sold without velocity stack for those who already have one.

The best velocity stack for use with HPI Baja 5B/5T is part af310.