30 Degrees North bws racing 1/5 4WD Gas Powered Car Roller 30DN-DTT7R



30 Degrees North bws racing 1/5 scale 4WD RC car Roller version
Roller version is without engine and electric equipment
– Size: 970mmx525mmx340mm
– Wheelbase: 610mm
– Wheel tread: 440mm front, 450mm rear
– Fuel tank: 800cc
– Drive mode: 4WD
– Tyre: 180mmx70mm off road
– Gear rate: 19:58
– Shock absorber: Hydraulic, 7mm adjustable front and rear
– Chassis: 7075T6 high-strength aerospace aluminium alloy
– Shock tower: 7075T6 high-strength aluminium alloy
– Shell: Big flex body
– Colours available: Blue, Black, Red, Orange, White
– Bead lock colours: Yellow, Red, Blue, White.